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    PMT team has diversified experience in surface modification and joining of dissimilar materials. With thermal spray, cold spray, vacuum brazing and mechanical processing capabilities, we provide the industry comprehensive services such as repairing roller parts, improving durability (abrasion/corrosion resistance), improving electrical and thermal properties (thermal conductivity/dielectricity), and OEM manufacturing of new products.

  • Technical
Principle of Honesty, Practice of Innovation, Goal for Quality.
With three core technologies, thermal spray, high pressure cold spray and vacuum brazing,
PMT team provides the industry a wide range of metal/ceramic coating planning and manufacturing, parts wear and
corrosion resistance enhancement, old product repair, new product OEM manufacturing, and on-site spraying services.
Our team has service experience includes basic industries, power producer, motor vehicles, marine and air transportation,
electronic components, and o-e semiconductor.
We will continue to improve our business and hope to grow together with our partners in the future.
  • C.C.Line
    ◆ Feed Roll
    ◆ Table Roll
    ◆ Pinch Roll
    ◆ Bearing Housing
    Coke Ovens
    ◆ Crusher
    ◆ Grizzly Bar
    ◆ Tuyres of Blast Furnance
  • Hot Mill Line
    ◆ Rough Mill Table Roll
    ◆ Hot-Run Table Roll
    ◆ Pinch Roll
    ◆ Wrapper Roll
    ◆ Side Guide Roll
    ◆ Looper Roll
    ◆ Seal End Plate
    ◆ Chock
  • Rod Mill
    ◆ Guide Roll
    ◆ Pinch Roll
    ◆ Capstan Roll
    ◆ Health Roll
    ◆ Bearing Housing
  • CGL
    ◆ Sing Roll
    ◆ Support Roll
    ◆ Sleeve of sink Roll
    ◆ Metal of Support Roll
    ◆ Driver
    ◆ Bridle Roll
    ◆ Deflector Roll
    ◆ Touch Roll
    ◆ Health Roll

Surface characteristics of wear, corrosion resistances and thermal barrier are mostly required in petrochemical industry.
Our achievementsof coating include repairing with high-pressure piston rods, shafts for hydrauliccylinders, rotation valves, rotors of blowers,rotors of turbines,gas nuzzles and ball valves...etc.

Surface characteristics of wear corrosion resistances are mostly required in paper making industry.
Our achievements of coating include corrugated roll, rewinding reel,guiding reel, suction couch roller and wire roll...etc.

Surface characteristics of wear , corrosion resistances and roughness are mostly required in textile industry.
Our achievements of coating include godet roll , SR roller, textille guide plate and rob...etc.

Surface characteristics of high-temperature corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance and cavitation resistance are mostly required in power plant industry Our achievements of coating include walls of boilers, tubes in coal-fired system , arrival manifold(DUCT ECO), tubes in refuse incineration plant, tubes in fluidized bed, eccentric shaft of coal mill, coal mill roller and plates, induced draft fans (IDF)...etc.

PMT high pressure cold spraying technology can be used to produce high density, low oxidation metal coatings with high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, density and excellent surface weldability, which can be used to enhance the added value of heat dissipation modules and electronic components.

PMT vacuum brazing technology can be used to join various homogeneous/heterogeneous materials, including ceramics, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel-chromium alloys... etc. The bonding of aluminum alloy parts with internal flow channels can be applied to the manufacture of semiconductor equipment parts and water-cooled plates, meeting the specifications of high strength and low leakage rate (<10-9 Pa˙m3⁄s) after bonding.

Antioxidant and electrical conductivity at high temperature are critical surface characteristics for bipolar plate(interconnect) of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(SOFC).
Our special coating provides both protection and functionality to the surface of the connector plate, and with an annual production capacity of several million pieces, we are able to provide high quality and efficient mass production services.

Except the achievements mentioned , we also provide coating services for automotive, electric vehicle and aerospace industries.
Such as Self-Lubricating coating for cylinder bore, wear-resistant coating for valve stem , braking and transmission system, thermal barrier coating for turbo components and mass coating production with customized coating materials.